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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

It started with a psychotic named Jim Kiraly who resides, we think, at 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California.

Jim Kiraly is a respected citizen. A churchgoer. A Vice President of Transamerica Corporation. And a violent abuser who tried to use an emergency anti-violence measure, one intended to protect battered women, to stop his victim in a wheelchair from writing a book.

Concise enough? :)

For attorneys: Jim Kiraly filed for CLETS against his son and victim, who lived 200 miles away, did not own a car, and was in a wheelchair. His son and victim was not asked to end communications. Jim had no (zero) specific and relevant allegations that were not perjury. But he turned down repeated offers of no-contact and a signed stipulation that gave him everything but CLETS. He insisted on CLETS if his victim ever once “discussed” him with third parties.

In the end, Jim Kiraly signed an agreement far weaker than the ones he'd been offered.

A review of Court paperwork and other materials will tend to confirm that Jim and other parties, including attorneys on all sides, committed multiple felonies, crimes, and faux pas. :P

The word “abuser” is stated here publicly and without equivocation. A formal offer is hereby made to reaffirm the word in writing and under oath. Attorneys will understand the significance of the point. In short, there is little terror of a threatened defamation suit on this side. Actually, we feel that such a suit will fit nicely up Jim Kiraly's abuser ass.

Jim has one son, Ken Kiraly, who invented the Amazon Kindle and is one of the leads at Amazon's secret Lab126. Another son, Tom Kiraly is one of the leads, a Vice President-CFO type, at medical insurance firms, including one of the largest, Humana Corporation.

These people and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley legal circles have committed or are involved in multiple crimes.

For the next decade or two, we're going to explore the crimes that these people committed, the motivations and the denial involved, the background and histories that led each person to make the choices that they did, and ways to build upon what happened and move towards positive societal goals.

There's plenty to go over. These people committed or were involved in: Spousal abuse, child abuse, DDOS (a highly prosecutable violation of CFAA), extortion, perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury (a possible felony), false police reports, conspiracy to file false police reports (a possible felony), unlawful threats, barratry, defamation, malpractice, civil harassment, criminal harassment, abuse of process, and violations of SCCBA Professional Standards.

The point was to force Jim's oldest son and victim, me, to sign a gag order. I was in a wheelchair. I'd never made a single inappropriate threat against my abuser. I wasn't even asked to not to call anybody. But Jim threatened to put me in a violence database unless I agreed never to write about him.

I won the right to write, but I lost my home of 25 years, most of my possessions, my chances for retirement, everything. Everything but a realization.

I can make a difference. I can conduct research for legitimate and reasonable purposes, document what happened, and analyze the choices of the people involved:

Maggie told me that she didn't know what she could say to me about what happened. However, we have decades to work it out. It will be productive. I'd like to direct the attention of attorneys and other parties to the:

Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List

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The point? “The story is already out there, idiots. Keep it up and I'll demonstrate how something known as decentralized distribution works.”


Monday 2012-12-10 — Helping James Kiraly

121210. It's time to take positive steps.

I'm concerned about the health and well-being of my father, James Kiraly of Pismo Beach, California; a former Vice President of Transamerica Corporation who is aging but still productive.

James was cold and unpleasant for decades. Not towards everybody. He was cordial towards business associates and grandchildren. And he did well with situations that he controlled. But if he did not feel secure, that was a problem. The four-year-old boy who'd lost his own violent father came out.

James seems to have thawed late in life, though not towards me; his eldest surviving son and the one who resembles him.

Physically resembles, at any rate. James and I have little else in common. Intellectually and emotionally I take after Ivan Kmeta; the grandfather and poet who James and my brother Thomas Kiraly have dishonored.

This article will focus on helping James. However, it should be noted that Thomas is involved. Thomas is a Vice President of Humana Corporation who Michael Bonetto tells me lives in Glenview, Kentucky.

I was originally forbidden by the Court to seek that information. Or information related to the location of my father James or mother Grace. The latter part seemed odd since as part of the “case” against me was that I'd sent my parents postcards. Postcards that the Pismo Beach police approved in advance, by the way. So obviously I had James's and Grace's address. But I am a simple Old Coder who does not understand such things.

For legal reasons, before we proceed, I'll post evidence here that the information in question, i.e., the addresses of all parties, has been provided to me by Michael:


I trust that this lays the address-seeking part of the legal cases to rest for the time being.

Note: Michael Bonetto has suggested that Evidence Code Section 1152 renders the evidence alluded to above “confidential”. His reasoning seems to be flawed. For a response to his point, click here.

Moving on, James was literally obsessive throughout his adult life, most likely in a medical sense. Emotionally disturbed and physically violent at times. He used to shake with rage, literally shake, over trivial things. It was a terrifying sight to a child. But, still, he is my father. For better or worse, that is a fact.

I've reviewed the timeline. There were one to three children conceived before me. The infants died before birth or may have been aborted. If there was more than one, the first may have been the child of William, James's brother.

William is the Kiraly who was apparently involved with Reagan's Star Wars program in the 1980s. But that's another story.

As I've written elsewhere, the only person who'd be able to tell me the full story would be my uncle Anatol, also known as Tony. But he is long since dead. Regardless, for better or worse, albeit mostly worse, it appears that I am James's child.

Over the past year it's become clear that James is sliding into a delusional state. Obsessed as never before. This comes from his concern that I might speak to people regarding his past.

The obsession goes so far that James has apparently accused me of phoning the spiritual head of his church, Pastor Ron, to talk about abuse. Of phoning S.C.O.R.E., Service Core for Retired Executives, for the same purpose.

I say “apparently” because James seems to be implying that I talked about abuse without actually saying that I did so.

This sort of thing, where you imply that somebody has done something inappropriate but you don't need to say what it is, is possible through steps known as CLETS and Abuse of Process. But we'll come back to this part another time.

The phone calls in question are well-documented. This part is interesting. James's attorney, Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton, seems to be aware that James has lied about every significant fact.

And that James is a former abuser.

If I recall correctly, legal papers sent to me this year demanded I provide information about one type of abuse committed by James. However, the papers were oddly silent about another type.

Why was that, Michael? Did you speak with Grace Kiraly about what Twisted Time knows? Or what others from that era may be willing to put into writing? And is it true that James Kiraly makes you feel a bit uncomfortable?

To my friends in IRC: Yes, it's the same Twisted Time. He goes back that far.

To Kevin King, Nancy Meyer, and Akhil Amar: You know, or should know, about the circumstances that Twisted Time is dealing with. He has taken the time to speak with me regardless. I feel that you and I need to speak as well. Things that happened in the past were not your responsibility. But they were not my responsibility either. There are things that I wish to know. Explain them to me.

The ironic part is that James now leaves me little choice but to speak openly. For his own good. It's clear that appropriate steps need to be taken.

James is elderly and in poor health. As I understand it, he has had three strokes. The obsession, the need to knock me to the floor again, to silence me, to reshape reality into something that fits more comfortably; these things cannot be good for James. But he will not surrender the delusions that he treasures.

James is hurting himself. My mother Grace as well. And he's done some damage to me. Damage that will need to be addressed long term, Michael.

As I understand it, James has acknowledged in writing that he communicated with people to suggest that I was mentally ill and to make allegations of various types.

This was in addition to kind remarks where James, ever the subtle and gentle soul, said “don't be afraid” to give him “something” with which he could “prosecute Bob”.

James spoke with medical professionals, the police, and other parties. This is in papers that I've received through procedures known as Legal Discovery. Subsequently James initiated actions that I feel involve misrepresentation, abuse of process, and/or prosecutable crimes on his part or on the part of Michael Bonetto.

I've tried every reasonable means to deal with the situation. At considerable expense to myself, I might add. But I am a loss.

I need help to help James Kiraly, a tormented former abuser who is not well, find peace. Perhaps to guide him towards God, the God that James has, in a sense, mocked for half a century.

It is necessary for me to speak with people now, as James himself did. To speak with anybody who feels compassion for James and will help as Christ would expect.

I've documented my intention to conduct lawful and appropriate research in the past. And I've spelled out specific justifications. At least four separate justifications, all of which are reasonably sound from a legal perspective.

James and Michael are aware of the inconvenient fact that there is little they can do legally to stop lawful and appropriate research. Either presently or in Long Cause.

Michael Bonetto, you were naive enough to demand the takedown of website content. To insist that I pay thousands of dollars if I so much as whispered to third parties about the things James had done. You shouted to the world that these cases are about stopping a book.

A book that isn't even what your client, my abuser, believed. Would you like to read some prototype pages? Wish to see the type of thing that James Kiraly is fighting to stop? If fear of the unknown is not too much for you, Michael, click here for a story about trucks. Fathers and sons. Families.

It all comes down to communication. Who talks to who and what is said. It's time to demonstrate that.

James thought, when he hired you, Michael, that you'd make me evaporate. Like mist in the morning. You know now that this isn't likely to happen.

Or do you understand it? Are you so much of a fool, Michael, that you believe you can get a blanket third-party ban in Long Cause — and make it stick long-term?

Cover up child and spousal abuse? By imposing a priori prohibitions on consensual interactions? At a level that's so broad that it crosses over into First Amendment territory?

It's not actually going to work.

Perhaps you'll focus on churches. There are hints this is where you're headed. If this is the case, are you sure that this is entirely wise?

Grace Kiraly gave me permission to phone Pastor Ron. The conversation was pleasant and focused on “Christ Followers”. And the church is on my Caller ID unit right now. They made me an offer and, if it's still open, I plan to accept it.

Regardless of any future restraining orders. Are you prepared for the type of publicity this could lead to? You're digging a pit for yourself, Michael. It's getting deeper and deeper.

Moving on, I'll add a new justification today for research. I fear that my father, James Kiraly of Pismo Beach, is at risk due to declining health and the depth of his life-long obsessions and rage. Rage that manifested, in the past, as actual abuse.

So, for five separate reasons, four of which have been covered before, I'll be communicating more regularly from this point on with:

(a) County medical professionals. James appears to be a danger to himself and others. There must be procedures that apply to somebody of this type.

(b) Anti-abuse organizations. Social workers. Church associations. News media. Medical professionals in the public and private sectors. Adult Protective Services. Other groups interested in positive goals who may know what to do about James.

(c) The Pismo Beach police. They are quite professional. I've discussed possible ways to handle James's behavior with them before.

(d) The general public. The story of what is happening needs to get out there. The light of publicity will, I feel, be helpful.

(e) Past associates of James and other Kiralys from the 1960s to recent decades. It's possible that some of them may offer assistance out of concern for James's deteriorating physical and mental state.

(f) Torts specialists. As a last resort, I feel it is time to look into the Abuse of Process issue.

I'll document some of the communications publicly. Right here or in legal forums if Michael Bonetto is successful with the takedowns he's been attempting.

I assume that Michael will be pleased by my transparency. Then, again, perhaps not.

Michael has poked a bit to try to find something that I've done wrong. Anything at all. So far all he's got is that I've talked about his false and fraudulent cases. This includes polite voicemail messages that I left at his firm. He seems quite exercised about those. To read the voicemail transcripts, click here.

I'll continue to be transparent. If relevant information turns up during research, it will be distributed to interested parties or to the public as appropriate.

If you're a reader who can help me to help James, contact me. For contact information, click here.