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This is just a start on a photo album. I'll probably post a couple of hundred photos eventually.

Four Brothers 1966


These are the four Kiraly brothers circa 1966. It's in the Walnut Creek backyard before the fence was built. Clockwise starting with the tallest boy: LittleCoder, Thomas, Scott, and Kenneth. Grace and Thomas are helping Scott to stand up.

Thomas burned down part of the hedge behind the boys some years later.

Walnut Heights Elementary School is located about a quarter mile away, behind the boys and a bit off to the right. The school was still there nearly half a century later. Nancy M.'s son attended the same school in the 2000s that his mother and some of the boys pictured here did in the 1960s.

Walnut Creek Intermediate School, where regrettable things happened a few years later, is located behind the boys; more or less straight back, far away, close to the horizon.

The Walnut Creek downtown area, the city itself, is located behind the boys, far away, to the left. Twisted Time lives, or will live, in that direction. Las Lomas High School is on the closer edge of downtown. John the future autistic priest and artist lives near the High School.

Kevin and Kern King live a mile or two behind the photographer; in the direction the boys are facing. Nancy M. lives in that area too.

Philip and his older brother, who was kind to YoungCoder years later, live near Twisted Time. I believe Akhil lives between the intermediate school and Twisted Time but this is no longer clear to me.

LittleCoder used to dream about this part of the yard. Starting at about this time. This was the part of the yard through which he'd escape when James Kiraly was chasing him. In the dreams LittleCoder had the power to fly. Or to jump very high. There's a valley behind the hedge. LittleCoder would fly over the valley and into the unknown.

This particular dream happened again and again for decades. James was there. LittleCoder escaped repeatedly. But he could never quite get away.

Scott Kiraly


This is Scott Kiraly, youngest of the four surviving Kiraly brothers. By this age, he was able to speak and to care for himself. I don't know if he'd been “mainstreamed” yet at school. This may have been the age when he was easiest to deal with. The most serious difficulties involving him hadn't started.

Scott was physically hefty when young and he has grown somewhat in size. It's my understanding that he may weigh 280 to 300 pounds now. Some years back I discussed the weight issue with Scott's disabled lover Karen (no connection to Thomas's wife Karen). It was a matter of concern to me because Scott was (and remains) unlikely to survive his 50s with a weight in that range. However, no solutions were found.

Grace Kiraly


This is Grace Kiraly. The boy with her appears to be her son Scott. She spent much of her time at this point with him.

Grace comes across as young and healthy here. She's older in this picture than she appears. The youthful appearance was maintained for decades. She attributed this to diet but genetics played a role as well. Her family carried genes that I believe predisposed them both to cancer and to longetivity save for the cancer. A two edged sword.

Thomas or Kenneth Kiraly


This is Thomas or Kenneth Kiraly. The two of them were nearly four years apart in age but pictures taken at the same ages sometimes look alike.

Kenneth Backyard Sunday


This is Kenneth Kiraly in the backyard. Walnut Creek, California. An odd whitebread world that deserves a book of its own. Kenneth is dressed formally; probably a Sunday. I think the fence was built to keep in the family dog, Skipper.

Kenneth looks pretty thin here, as he usually did. Didn't eat much but was healthy. He wasn't afraid at all of James despite the fact three of him would have fit inside the man with room to spare.

Crystal the Cat


This is Crystal, a cat who felt quite secure. She's sleeping here on LittleCoder's enlarger. He'd started to take, develop, and print photos, and the enlarger was part of the process. This was all moot as far as the cat was concerned. She understood that she was more important to the boy than any of that. Whenever LittleCoder walked into a room she'd start to purr because she knew she'd be petted or fed.

Ivan Kmeta


This is Ivan Kmeta, also known as Ivan Kmeta Ichniansky, Ivan Kmeta Efimovitch, and Myroslav Ichniansky. He was a leading 20th Century Ukrainian writer, poet, and religious figure.

I was said to be Ivan's spiritual heir. The one who would write when he was gone.

I made Ivan cry once. I asked him to autograph books he'd written so that I could give them to my brothers. He was sentimental about the issue and therefore wept.

I passed some of the books on to Grace Kiraly, Ivan's daughter. She promptly lost them. In 2012, I offered to give Thomas Kiraly the remaining books. If I remember correctly, he wrote in court papers that the offer of the books was extortion and an attempt to harm his livelihood.

It is difficult to say how Ivan would react if he knew of the actions of his grandson, Thomas Kiraly. It is likely that he wouldn't be able to understand the situation.

I can't understand it myself. That Thomas and Grace, Ivan's daughter and my mother, could do what they've done. It redefines what is possible.

Transamerica Pyramid


This is the Transamerica Pyramid. The tall pointy building in San Francisco. LittleCoder got to watch the building being built. He stood there in his sneakers as the concrete was poured. His father James was an important man at the company that built the Pyramid.

James worked at the top. In a rare display of humor he told his sons that the building was dangerous to intruders. If somebody was foolish enough to break into the offices where James worked, the trained assassin guards would deal with them abruptly!


Sunday 2012-12-16 — The Boy Who Writes

121216. This is a photograph of the Boy Who Writes.

The one that Twisted Time remembers. Twisted Time: Do you understand how significant you are? For more than one reason.

The boy in the photograph is also the one that Kevin King, Kern King, Nancy Meyer, Akhil Amar, and a few others might remember if they were to reach back a bit.

The Kiralys might remember the boy as well. James Kiraly, hard-working executive and dedicated father. Grace Kiraly, Christ Follower. Thomas Kiraly, Kenneth Kiraly, and Scott Kiraly; bright-eyed brothers, healthy in body and in spirit.

All was well in the Kiraly household. Each person thrived. Christ looked down. He was pleased.