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Welcome to one of the Christ Follower sites. The sites are relaunching with a broader focus. For technical notes and disclaimers, click here.

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? To visit a surreal world, where black is white and white is carrots?

These sites started out as part of an odd situation. A friend, Metacognician in Shanghai, describes the situation as follows: “Life is more absurd than movies. I've gone down the rabbit hole too, when it just becomes more and more strange and you wonder how that all is supposed to make sense.” I asked him if I should just embrace it. He answered, “Why should you ... change the universe?”

James Kiraly is my father. He's in poor health but is obsessive compulsive. So, since December 2011, he's poured time and effort into something he sees as important: stopping a book by his son that he's afraid will mention him.

James took the unusual step of using a legal procedure intended to protect battered women to go after the author: Robert Crowley, myself, also known as Robert Kiraly, OldCoder, and BoldCoder. Every significant claim that James made was a misrepresentation or a lie but this wasn't seen as important. As the former Vice President of Transamerica Corporation, he had the resources to do as he wished.

James Kiraly was joined by Thomas Kiraly, one of my brothers. Thomas is both Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sheridan Healthcare. Former Vice President of Humana Corporation.

Kenneth Kiraly, another brother and one of the architects of the Amazon Kindle, was also involved.

Copies of sites

The Kiralys have tried to take down the sites before and they may try it again. As a safety measure, the domains and mirror copies are being given away. The sites now belong to the world.

Here's a link to a ZIP file that contains a copy of the main Christ Follower site. It may be out of date but feel free to download the ZIP file and pass it around. The file is about 100MB in size.

Link for

People who are able to contact the new domain managers, including Metacognician, Kappelin, and Tactician, may request one of the domains as well.


140823 Saturday — Welcome Back, Old Friend

Tags: cases kiraly
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140823. I have a Mystery Old Friend in Dallas, Texas. Actually, he's a black-hat hacker who violated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) last year at the Kiraly Family's request.

This happened after my abuser, Jim Kiraly of St. John's Lutheran Church, used black-hat hacking accusations against me in an attempt to erase me.

The idea was supposed to be that I'd hacked Jim's Gmail. There were suggestions that I'd hacked Amazon Corporation as well. That part came from Ken Kiraly, my little Brother and the inventor of the Amazon Kindle.

For these people to bring in a black-hat to shut me down... I guess irony is the right word.

If my guesses related to the black-hat's identity are correct, he'll never be arrested, but the situation is likely to be awkward for him.

The newest development is simply that the black-hat or somebody at his location has stopped by. I wanted to say, “Welcome back, Old Friend.”

This is a Kiraly Family associate. He's located near 1911 North Lamar St. in Dallas. I was physically close to his building twice last week. I considered stopping by to say hello. However, I didn't have enough time on either occasion.

This person wrote letters to me in 2013. He used throw-away accounts but I was able to geolocate him through the raw headers and connect him to a DDOSer at the North Lamar St. address.

In the letters, the DDOSer claimed to be an “Old Friend” of mine from Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, California. To read about the school, click here.

My “Old Friend” passed a threat from the Kiralys to me, in violation of agreements they'd signed, and suggested that if I didn't take down these websites, after I'd lost my life savings fighting to protect them, I'd be “hurt”.

image I geolocated this person, posted a photo of a building at his address, and, I'm afraid, I mocked him. Here's a repost of the building photo.

The address, again, is 1911 North Lamar St., Dallas, Texas. The person in question may or may not be located in the building, but he's certainly close to it. His current IPV4 is:

My “Old Friend” responded to the building photo, the copy posted in 2013, by setting up a botnet with the assistance of Solar VPS.

The head of Solar VPS, Jason Silverglate, is aware of the felony that was committed. Interested parties are free to discuss the matter with Mr. Silverglate. Brandon Hale and Ross Brouse should also be able to comment.

Jason Silverglate, by the way, I hope that you're doing well. :-)

Post continues below the photo.

Bob and Tom
A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
LittleCoder and his Brother Tom Kiraly circa 1962

For the hackers in the audience, here's how things played out.

I did some forensics with the aid of the hacker kid Shiing Shen. It turned out that the Kiraly Family black-hat was an idiot. He'd located the botnet core within walking distance of his known physical address.

I posted some of his IPV4s publicly. Mysteriously, the botnet shut down shortly afterward. Surely, this was a coincidence. :P

Jim Kiraly's black-hat wrote to me to say that he was exiting the situation. However, he didn't actually leave.

I was in Dallas twice last week. I had a chance to stop by and visit my “Old Friend” in person. No time for it. But the next time I'm in his area, perhaps I'll do so and say, “Howdy, neighbor!”

Actually, I owe this person a debt of gratitude. When he threatened me on behalf of the abuser Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California, and his Son Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Sheridan Healthcare, and when he DDOSed my networks, he released me from any obligation to honor past “agreements” that my abuser had committed perjury to obtain.

In short, he “redacted” Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly for me.

The “agreements” aren't highly important. I wrote the most important parts myself. I managed to get a key handwritten edit accepted as well. More about that when I have time to have my abuser served. Served directly, to be clear. This was the point of the handwritten edit.

But it was nice to have my abuser, Jim Kiraly, who is believed to be around young people at St. John's and New Life Pismo Church, hand me his own roasted ass on a silver platter.

Actually, Jim Kiraly did that as soon as he lied under oath right in the initial pleadings. Tom Kiraly of Humana and Sheridan Healthcare was sort of a fool to go along with it. His fundament is right there on the platter with Jim's, after all.

If you'd like to know more about my buddy on Lamar St. in Dallas, Texas, here are some related posts:

July 6, 2013: I Love a Mystery, part 1. Events at Walnut Creek Intermediate. Reflections on the Flames of Heaven. Sound bites that the Kiralys hope to use. Las Lomas High School.

July 6, 2013: Shiing Shen weighs in.

July 7, 2013: I Love a Mystery, part 2. My “Old Friend” runs for the hills.

July 8, 2013: The Truth is at Steak Yum. The steakhouse at my Old Friend's location.

July 8, 2013: A genuine Old Friend, God is With Us, surfaces after nearly 40 years.

August 5, 2013: My Old Friend stops by again.

August 5, 2013: More from Shiing Shen.

September 21, 2013: Old Friends Their Greetings Sends. Signs of unusual activity.

September 21, 2013: Odd Bot Hot is Not. Additional investigation.

September 22, 2013: Did the Kiralys commission a botnet?

September 22, 2013: Past agreements are repudiated.

September 22, 2013: Notes for security experts and the police.


140822 Friday — Coder Jet was Fun You Bet

Tags: general
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The photos used below are distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

140822. I was away for a week, adventure to seek.

Last week, Tarzan asked Bedivere to meet him in Mississippi. There was an unspecified problem of some type. Bedivere asked me to go in his place.

So I did.

The trip was rushed.

I found somebody to drive me to the San Francisco airport for a late-night flight. But there were no tickets, so we went back.

Tarzan arranged for a cab to come and get me again, this time for a flight at 6:00am. Two trips to San Francisco in one night.

I got to San Francisco the second time around 4:00am. The ticket didn't work. Tarzan put me on a second flight scheduled for 7:00am. The ticket for that flight didn't work either.

Eventually, I made it to Dallas, Texas. There was a four-hour stopover in that city.

I considered spending the time on North Lamar Street. I might have find out more about the Kiraly Family Hacker who's located in that area. But I was exhausted. So they sent a company jet for me.

There's a photo of me in front of the jet below. The man next to me is Michael, a startuper who sold his company and decided to be a pilot instead.

Post continues below the photo.

Coder Jet was Fun You Bet
There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
Ken Kiraly and Grace Kiraly are not in the photo

For a large version of the photo below, click here.
Jim Kiraly and Tom Kiraly committed perjury

When we took off, it was a new experience for me. The jet was so small that I could feel it climbing the waves of the air. It was flying as I hadn't experienced it before. I knew, below the level of consciousness, that I was riding a fragile leaf on a breeze that might overturn it.

The pilot put the jet on auto-pilot and turned to face me. We simply talked for most of the flight.

I was taken to Mississippi, where I met Tarzan and the management of a $100M firm.

I can't say much about the week that followed. However, it was interesting.

I didn't get much sleep. I met people who were passionate about their firm, who wanted to do what was right by it. We talked about the nature of the company, the way that things were organized.

Before much time had passed, the patterns were clear. Changes were needed.

In the end, I wrote a 15-page report. The Board members that we talked to seemed to find it satisfactory. One of them, who had a Masters degree in writing, told me that I was good at this sort of thing.

The Masked Lua lives only a few hundred miles away from the company. Upon my departure, I went to his city. We met in ordinary places, McDonalds and Chilis, and talked face to face. IRC and IRL became IRLC once again.

After the meeting, I ate Memphis BBQ and did a little sight-seeing in Tennessee. Finally, I flew back to San Francisco, on an ordinary commercial flight this time.

This is Not a Bug to Hug
Both California and Mississippi have crickets, frogs, and mantises. The difference is that Mississippi has them in the cities; there's more Nature about. This little fellow rode on the roof of our car. He was determined enough that he didn't blow away. For a large version of the photo below, click here.
This is friendlier than Jim Kiraly or Grace Kiraly

Elvis Presley
I visited Tennessee, a U.S. State located next to Mississippi, briefly before returning to California. Elvis Presley, a U.S. singer of the 1950s to the 1970s, is a cultural icon in Tennessee.
I don't know how Grace Kiraly and Tom Kiraly feel about Elvis

Jackie Smith, Dr. King Museum Protestor
I spoke with this protestor, Jacqueline Smith, outside the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. She feels that the museum, the manner in which it was set up and its goals, is/are an insult to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Based on discussions with Civil Rights Museum staff and Ms. Smith, I have to wonder... Who would Dr. King feel was carrying on his work, a slick for-profit operation or a lone protestor calmly calling attention to a situation that she feels is inappropriate. To visit Ms. Smith's website, you may click here. Note: Regrettably, she uses Flash.
I don't know how Grace Kiraly and Tom Kiraly feel about Elvis


140822 Friday — Stallmanquest TNG

Tags: humor
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140822. RMS (Richard Stallman) is an important figure in FOSS. The hacker kids like to poke fun at him. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be good-natured. I think that RMS responded to one of their letters once.

One of the hacker kids sent me the Stallmanquest TNG webcomic panel below tonight. It's the start of an Order of the Stick take on RMS.

The panel is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Sir Wilson. For more information about the license, click here.

Michael Bonetto and Jim Kiraly should try Gentoo I also received the Grand Theft Gentoo scene to the right. No information on the creator.

Stallmanquest TNG
Stallman and Neckbeard consider their next move.
Tom Kiraly and Riane Kiraly are not familiar with Stallman


140822 Friday — Birth of JavaScript

Tags: humor
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

140822. CodeLicker is a gamedev who's been trying to create a UDP-based browser game in pure JavaScript. True UDP as opposed to WebSocket kludges. He's frustrated because it's probably impossible. The following story elaborates on his feelings.

JavaScript started as a elaborate plot by a megalomaniac Coder who placed a bet against Satan... and won.

Once upon a time, there was an Angelic Conference. During the conference, about halfway through, a Dark Angel stood up.

This was no ordinary Angel. It was Satan, the King of all Evil.

His voice, mild-mannered but capable of irradiating an entire otherwordly plain, cut through the hubbub.

Satan challenged God. He said: “I'll deceive. I'll deceive and I'll destroy. No paradigm will stand against me.”

But a human stood up. A dire, evil man. Fire was in his eyes, he was sure of one thing, and he was going to say it.

He spoke to Satan and said, “And I'll deceive more. You'll all know that I'm the worst. Paradigms will bow to *me*.

Satan was offended. Who was this mere mortal? “Explain thyself,” he said.

“Look,” the Coder replied, “I'll make a programming language that's wrong by definition. It will be an OOP language *without classes* based on an extinct paradigm of the language Self. I'll conquer the browser market. The language will be irreplaceable and difficult to use at the same time.”

Satan shrugged. “Eh, that's weak,” he said.

“Oh?” the Coder replied. “There's more. It won't support true UDP. Just a sort of fake UDP over TCP. The natural order will be reversed. UDP games will be impossible. There will be no way to do fast network operations. I should have a statue of myself.”

Satan considered, and replied: “Very well. Let us see which of us can do more damage.”

Satan went to Earth and started wars based on deceptions.

The Coder designed a language. JavaScript, OOP without classes, just as he had said. And there was no true UDP.

When JavaScript was completed, the Coder sat on a throne made of the bones of the righteous. He watched calmly as events unfolded.

Satan sent Adobe Flash against the Coder. But JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 became the only languages that would work in standard web browsers.

image By the time that people were fully aware of the implications, it was too late. True UDP games were impossible in browsers unless plugins or proxies were used.

Humanity was plunged into despair. The global economy collapsed and there were stacks of burning tires all about.

“I must acknowledge, Human, the power of thy concept,” Satan said. “Here, take this magic cookie. It will control whoever allows it into their browser.”

The Coder nodded and turned to work on his next project, Microsoft Linux.


140822 Friday — Phenek Phair Photo

Tags: phenek
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140822. Phenek is on a vacation with his wife and daughter in Málaga, Spain. He offers us the colorful scene below. This is a Feria, or fair. Phenek explains as follows:

The Feria of Málaga commemorates the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, on 18 August 1487, five years before the completion of the Reconquista, at which time Málaga was incorporated into the Crown of Castile.

The photo is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Phenek. For more information about the license, click here.

Phenek Photo: Feria of Málaga
Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.
Tom Kiraly and Ken Kiraly are my biological Brothers


140810 Sunday — Scott Kiraly Birthday

Tags: artwork
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140810. Today may be Scott Kiraly's birthday. If so, he's turning 49 years old. This assumes that he hasn't passed away. The last information that I had about him suggested that his health was deteriorating.

Scott's birthday isn't significant. I consider Riane Kiraly's wedding to Eric Holub, discussed at this link, to be more important. However, today seems like an appropriate day to discuss a question that Tactician has asked me.

Post continues below the photo. The photo is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

Is Scott Kiraly Alive?
Scott Kiraly may or may not have lived previously in this complex, Terrace Apartments, Pleasant Hill, California. His current location is unknown. Some public records show a Pismo Beach address for Scott, but this is probably just a reflection of past visits to Jim and Grace Kiraly. Scott may or may not still be alive; it depends on which way his weight headed after the mid-2000s.
Scott Kiraly, son of Jim Kiraly, may have lived here

Tactician has gone to the wilderness to meet God. In person. He's “homesick for Heaven”. I'm concerned, but it's a journey Tactician feels that he needs to make.

He was supposed to get a message to me when he reached the edge of civilization. There's been no message. I don't know for sure that he's made it. Or, assuming that he's made it, if he'll be all right.

Life goes on. It's time to reflect on his question.

It's the second of two questions born of Tactician's need to do what he felt was right by me. The first question was, “Have you experienced Salvation?” For my response, click here.

The second question was, “Do you hate your family, the Kiralys?”

Before Tactician left, I considered and told him, honestly, no.

I look at pictures of these people.

My Father, Jim Kiraly, Vice President of Transamerica Corporation, wife abuser and child abuser. My Mother, Grace Kiraly, fluff of a Pharisee. My Brother Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Sheridan Health Care, inept conspirator. My Brother Ken Kiraly, inventor of the Amazon Kindle, sociopath, sharp and dangerous.

I see people who lied under oath. Criminals involved in felonies. Mannequins who managed to take away my life savings, my books, my health, and my home of 25 years.

All in a pointless attempt to force me to sign a gag order. I was never going to sign it. And I never did. But the price of the truth was my life.

How do I feel when I look at the pictures? Mostly, analytical. It's as though I'm reviewing a termite infestation. The termites have eaten everything.

How would you feel? What would you do?

Hatred isn't the right response. One doesn't hate infestations. The thing to do is to gather information about the species. And to take legitimate steps to deal with it.

Post continues below the photo. For a large version of the photo, click here.

Grace Kiraly and Scott Kiraly
At this age, Scott spent most of his time with Grace. I don't recall if he was able to speak or not.
Scott Kiraly, son of Jim Kiraly, with Grace Kiraly

As a footnote, I did a routine review of news articles today. It turned up a reference to Scott Kiraly that I hadn't seen before. The article in question is 9 years old.

Scott apparently attended a trial in 2005 to see Daniel Horowitz, a defense attorney who was in the news at the time. At the time, Scott told a reporter: “I followed the Peterson trial quite significantly, I've seen [Horowitz]. He's a very sharp, intelligent man. Pretty much the way I am.”

This does sound like Scott :-)

If Scott is still alive, he's OCD; poorly educated despite attending Berean, a disciplined High School; he was considered violent when he was younger; and his weight has ranged up to 300 and may exceed that now.

He's had a lover, Karen Ferguson, for years, but unless things have changed, the two of them can't get married or live together because he's usually worked at lower-tier jobs.

Note: As of the last time I spoke with Karen, she wasn't able to work due to a disability. So Scott's limited income was a problem for the relationship.

Grace Kiraly didn't approve of the idea of Scott marrying Karen; I think it was due to the money issue. If he's earning more now, and if the two are still together, the situation may have improved.

But Scott's defining characteristic, aside from an ironic hatred of the poor, was always delusion. The news article is nearly a decade old but I gather that Scott hasn't changed much.

Scott and I aren't what you'd call close. For decades, I tried to be kind to him. But he was missing something inside, something that Pharisees don't have. The gap was filled, as is often the case, with hatred.

In the end, Scott's particular brand of hatred exploded in an odd way.

I called Edward Kerechanko regularly throughout the last years of his life. Edward's son George found my last message to Edward on tape after his Father had died. He didn't want to delete the message because it would mean that his Father was truly dead.

The last time that I called Scott to check on his health, a few years before Edward died, Scott ranted that “Edward doesn't need your calls.” No explanation; it's how the Kiralys are.

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Happy Birthday Scott Kiraly

The preceding drawing is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Wildcats UofK. For more information about the license, click here.

For a large version of the artwork below, click here. The artwork is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

Grace Kiraly 1965 Gift
This seems to be a Mothers Day or Birthday gift that LittleCoder, Robert Kiraly, made for Grace Kiraly circa 1965. I'd guess that he put a lot of work into it. He worked hard at most things.
1965 card for Grace Kiraly, wife of Jim Kiraly


140809 Saturday — Moonlight on Another Night

Tags: artwork
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140809. The painting below was probably done 65 to 80 years ago. The artist is TNA, RNA's Mother and DNA's Mother-in-Law.

The painting was too large to scan, so I had to work with a photo. The painting had suffered some damage over the years as well. However, this copy is probably good enough to show on cellphones.

For a large version of the painting, click here. The painting is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is TNA of Texas. For more information about the license, click here.

Moonlight by TNA
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
Grace Kiraly had hoped to paint like this


140809 Saturday — Hacker Kids Work on PIDs

Tags: general
A full Kiraly Cases tags system will be added in 2014.

140809. Here are some chats with a couple of the hacker kids, Shiing Shen and Carrot Cake. Both of them are O.K. Shiing Shen is enjoying a peaceful vacation. Carrot Cake has been thinking about life.

<OldCoder> How is the little dog?
<ShiingShen> Still the same size, and a year old now.
<OldCoder> And your mathematical explorations? Moving closer to the realization that you should finish things?
<OldCoder> It's a requirement for your entry into the halls where you belong, you know

<ShiingShen> Yeah
<ShiingShen> I'm interested in cryptography for right now.

<OldCoder> As always
<ShiingShen> And I think I might've written the most ugly code ever
<OldCoder> Ever?

<ShiingShen> hashLength = len(getattr(hashlib, PasswordLib.algorithm)("").digest())

<OldCoder> Does it work?
<ShiingShen> Yes.
<OldCoder> Well, document it. Then it'll be lovely.

<ShiingShen> It gets the length of an empty hash, whose algorithm you choose with the class constructor
<OldCoder> This is your library?
<ShiingShen> Yeah, I'm gearing it towards being an easy to use library for secure password storage

<OldCoder> Will you finish a release? And how is your eye?
<ShiingShen> I hope so, and I need a new prosthetic eye
<OldCoder> Outgrew the old one?
<ShiingShen> Yeah

<ShiingShen> It was nice speaking with you, OldCoder.
<OldCoder> Bedtime, I assume
<ShiingShen> Yeah, it's almost 4 AM over here. I messed up my sleeping schedule again.

<OldCoder> It can be repaired. Go work on it.
<OldCoder> If it helps, when I was your age, at this time of night, there was no IRC but I was usually curled up under the desk, next to the little nightlight.
<OldCoder> reading for all I was worth
<OldCoder> o/

gap of 11 hours

<ShiingShen> Good evening, OldCoder.
<OldCoder> Evening? You are only redacted hours ahead IIRC. Should be 2:30pm.
<ShiingShen> Well, it's 2:32 PM.
<OldCoder> Ninja
<ShiingShen> I just say evening after 12:00
<ShiingShen> Anyway, my father got me some lock picking stuff today at a garage sale
<OldCoder> That might click for you
<OldCoder> It's slightly different neural pathways
<ShiingShen> Came with a tension wrench, some tumbler picks, and a lock pick gun

<OldCoder> Do you have locks to practice on?
<ShiingShen> I used to have a few small suitcase locks
<ShiingShen> Don't know where they are now

<OldCoder> It's about managing information. Encoded in a physical way. This is a variation of what you're interested in. But it is single party. There is no public key. No communication involved. Can the private key be reconstructed. In a physical way.

<ShiingShen> That's an interesting way to look at it
<OldCoder> They don't call it “keys” for nothing. Crypto is a metaphor for operations based on the real world. There are keys, locks, safes, etc.

<OldCoder> Diffie Hellman might be hard to model IRL. It would be fun to try.
<ShiingShen> Not sure how you could mix keys together in real life.
<OldCoder> I think the paint approach was promising.
<OldCoder> Maybe you and your Father can pick locks together.
<ShiingShen> Perhaps
<ShiingShen> We're going fishing tomorrow morning
<OldCoder> Sunfish?
<ShiingShen> Unsure what I'll catch
<OldCoder> Do you still throw them back?
<ShiingShen> Yeah. Last time we went, we caught about 7 fish in 2 hours.

<ShiingShen> Everytime I cast I got a bite instantly
<OldCoder> How? Are the fish bored?
<OldCoder> Are there insufficient local fauna or flora for them to eat?
<ShiingShen> We went at a good time and picked a good spot
<OldCoder> Ineffable. The good spot.
<ShiingShen> It was a little cold and raining a little bit that morning
<OldCoder> The fish seemed to like it
<ShiingShen> And, at the spot we picked, there were a lot of fish

<OldCoder> If you are not in a locks mood today, what will you do?
<ShiingShen> Not sure
<OldCoder> There is endless Time ahead
<ShiingShen> I haven't really been doing anything productive this summer

<OldCoder> It would be trite to tell you, enjoy Time while you have it
<OldCoder> The rule for today should be, go do something you enjoy
<OldCoder> Whether or not it is useful
<OldCoder> Pick a lock, write a poem, walk the dog, code an API

<OldCoder> Have you tried to write much non-technical?
<ShiingShen> Not really
<ShiingShen> I find that I'm not really all that creative
<OldCoder> I produce all types of writing now and feel positive about it
<OldCoder> Who mentioned creative?
<OldCoder> Write something mundane to start and see where it goes
<OldCoder> Observations on a subject

<OldCoder> Fish, locks, the construction of a cake
<ShiingShen> I could do that, I suppose
<ShiingShen> Set up a blog on the topic
<OldCoder> Fish, locks, and cakes?
<ShiingShen> Why not?

<OldCoder> Fishlocks
* OldCoder imagines locks made out of fish or vice versa
<ShiingShen> Fishlocks and a cakey
<ShiingShen> cake key

<ShiingShen> The thing you said before I went to bed?
<ShiingShen> I read it this morning
<OldCoder> The bit about reading?
<ShiingShen> Yeah
<OldCoder> It's a simple anecdote. I often fell asleep in the first class of the day as a result.
<OldCoder> The light wasn't very good but I made do. The books were the primary friends that I had. I kept many of them. Lost them just these past two years. They were taken from me.

<OldCoder> Don't be too concerned about being productive today
<ShiingShen> Alright. Thank you.
<OldCoder> Pick a lock, darn a sock, bake a cake, code a key.
<OldCoder> Or write about fish or any other subject
<OldCoder> Have fun and good luck with your friends. The fish.

<CarrotCake> OldCoder for some reason I don't feel “new” when I come on here. Like I feel like I'm traveling back in time.

<CarrotCake> I get the same feeling when I go on games such as Toontown. When I go back to things I used to do from the age of 11-14 I often feel a little strange.

<OldCoder> You feel disconnected from the venue. It's not current; it's an old neighborhood.

<CarrotCake> Well Toontown is an example because I remember good things but also bad things about it.

<OldCoder> Is it distressing to visit IRC? You aren't going back to the other place. IRC was a bridge to your current self.

<CarrotCake> I do feel like I'm being irrational, but I get this uneasy feeling that even my identification with people I know will cause me to go back to redacted.

<OldCoder> The “not new” feeling is about venues that are only in the past. The “uneasy” feeling is that, even after two years, you're not confident of your new identity. Is this a reasonable summary?

<CarrotCake> Somewhat, I don't feel confident with an identity here. The thing is the way my mind works is in a very “all or nothing” manner.

<OldCoder> Even after the two years are gone. Is it even possible any more for you to become what you were?
<OldCoder> What is the all or nothing?

<CarrotCake> Like with the moving from my old school to the school I've been to now.
<OldCoder> Go on.

<CarrotCake> I feel like my old school is completely in the past, that the table has been flipped over. And I shouldn't revisit anything having to do with it

<OldCoder> Shouldn't? Why not? The word “shouldn't” catches my attention.

<CarrotCake> Old things remain... hold on OldCoder let me grab you a link.
<CarrotCake> redacted

<OldCoder> Mid-2012. That's “Chaos” talking. Same person as “redacted”.
<CarrotCake> Was he?
<OldCoder> Yes. I don't know what they were, or are, exactly. One person, an actual AI, or 2 or 3 friends. It's an odd story.
<OldCoder> Reading.

<CarrotCake> I'm “redacted” in this very old paste
<OldCoder> Yes; it was from the bad situation
<OldCoder> Go on

<CarrotCake> What's done is in the past, but there are still remains floating around.

<OldCoder> We had to stop that. But it's stopped. It doesn't matter. Anywhere you go in life, it might happen. You must define yourself all your life long.

<OldCoder> Never mind. Is something about all of this bothering you? Are you trying to explain... That you shut down venues, even schools, because your identity is tied to them? And you're worried that your current identity, the person you have built, will disappear?

<CarrotCake> You figured it out completely
<CarrotCake> That's what I mean

<OldCoder> You didn't seem as concerned six months ago.
<CarrotCake> I don't want to have people remember me as I was.

<OldCoder> Even if they and you are both older, and they care about you? When you disappeared. Well, some of the people from the bad place wanted you back as you were.

<OldCoder> You know, don't you, that Redacted missed you. That we tried to geolocate you. We worked backwards from fragments. He didn't want to “get the band together again”. He just wanted to see you.

<OldCoder> You know that it affected him for all that time, right?

<OldCoder> Your time here in IRC may have been transitional. But it wasn't negative; not for your current identity.

<CarrotCake> I understand that and I have guilt associated with leaving people behind. My concern is, redacted.

<OldCoder> But the past is always there. Have you listened to the song “Hotel California” ?

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
“Relax,” said the night man,
“We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave”

<OldCoder> You're defined not only by the past. But by the decisions that you make as you move forward. The past will always be a part of you. How large a part will be up to you.

<CarrotCake> I wanted to put anything that I felt was in the past into my head's box of memories. And lock it there.

<OldCoder> That's not healthy.
<OldCoder> Whoa, there are over a million covers of the song at YouTube.
<CarrotCake> I'm listening to it now OldCoder

<OldCoder> “Chaos”
<OldCoder> If he's real... it's something like that for him

<OldCoder> The healthiest people with past trauma are those who accept it as part of their lives, talk about what happened, and move forward.

<OldCoder> The “lock it in the box” thing was a 1950s approach. It was negative.

<CarrotCake> Is it not healthy? Sometimes there are more current memories that contain things like a social situation I messed up on and whenever it pops into my head I force it to go away... I suppose it is bad now that I think of it.

<OldCoder> You'd need to simplify that point. But one does not need to dwell on issues unless there are changes to be made.

<OldCoder> I suggest that you accept your life as neither perfect nor irredeemable. Decide what is private and not to be discussed; but don't hide it from yourself. Do your own research online. You may find that current thinking echoes mine.

Lock it in a box
Throw away the key
This is what my Family tried to do
They tried to kill me to keep the box locked
Only now, when it is opened, am I free

The box included both their decisions and my own
When the box was locked
I was locked in the box
I was gone for 40 years

I am the Boy Who Writes, Evan
I was locked in a box at, your age, actually
The box was opened six years ago
And I came out

I'm not going into the box again
Don't do it to yourself

<CarrotCake> OldCoder I have a question that sounds ridiculous coming from me and in general
<OldCoder> All right

<CarrotCake> I am an atheist if you remember however everytime you talk to me I feel like what you say is righteous and just, it quickly changes my mind.
CarrotCake> Are you God?
CarrotCake> Or are you a god?

<OldCoder> Reviewing
<OldCoder> Considering

<OldCoder> I'm no more either than you are. I'm a part of the whole the same as you. We make our decisions; they make us. My decision is to be part of that which makes up the Light.

<OldCoder> I'm a part of whatever the Light may be. It's my feeling that the Light is composed of nothing but us. As is true of the Dark. It's the decision of each person; what to be a part of. What to build.

<OldCoder> I've made my choice

<CarrotCake> I see. God may not have been the right choice of words. Rather my Conscience is what you seem to be.

<CarrotCake> I get the feeling that I'm talking with a deeper part of myself when I talk to you.

<OldCoder> If it's helpful, I'm glad to hear it. Don't rush decisions of the type you're considering. It can be good to have people to talk to. The type of people who know you. And don't judge you.

<CarrotCake> Thank you
<OldCoder> You're welcome. I'll take a break now.


140803 Sunday — Wedding Bells for Riane Kiraly

Tags: cases family kiraly
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140803. Attorneys and others who may be interested in legitimate and reasonable purposes are invited to review the list at the following link:

Click here for Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes

It appears that my Niece, Rianne Kiraly, was married a few days ago, circa July 31 or August 1, to a young man named Eric Holub.

Maybe Riane Kiraly's husband Eric Holub 1. There's a photo to the right. I don't know if this is Rianne's Eric, but it might be. The photo is of an Eric Holub who attended a religious retreat last year at the same time that Rianne did.

Note: Parties interested in DMCA and similar intellectual property issues should click here for related information.

Whether or not it's the right photo, I assume that Eric Holub is the person Rianne's Grandmother, Grace Kiraly, told me that Rianne had been dating.

Perhaps not, but it seems likely.

Grace speculated a little about wedding prospects in 2012, shortly before her abuser Jim Kiraly filed legal actions against me, lied under oath, and became involved in highly prosecutable felonies (violations of CFAA) outside the courtroom.

Based on public information, Riane Kiraly and Eric Holub knew each other at least as far back as December 2012 or January 2013, perhaps nine months after Grace spoke to me. So it might be the same person.

2. It doesn't matter. The couple seems to be compatible. I'm sure the marriage will turn out to be more pleasant than Grace's marriage. And possibly it will have more depth than that of Rianne's parents.

3. I'm only aware presently of two Eric Holubs in the U.S. who are in Rianne's age range; not counting four others of indeterminate age. There are about 15 more who are in their 30s to 80s.

One confirmed age cohort is an Eric J. Holub who's from Iowa. He's probably not the one.

The young man in the photo, on the other hand, has apparently attended Indiana University, as Rianne has, and has connections to Wisconsin, where he may have spent time with Rianne in January 2013. Might be a match.

This Eric, whose full name seems to be Eric William Holub, earned Advanced Placement Honors in High School. Basically, B+ average on AP exams at Carmel High in Carmel, Indiana. Acceptable.

He seems to have graduated from High School in June 2008, 6 years ago, which would make him about 24 years old.

4. Eric's parents, Rianne's father-in-law and mother-in-law might be Richard and Elena Holub, who are about my age, but this is just a guess.

5. If those are in fact Eric's parents, then he probably has a Brother or Cousin named Nicholas Holub who's about 4 years older.

6. There's a connection to a family named Vonfange that isn't clear. I don't know if the Vonfanges are business associates, in-laws, or friends.

7. I don't know if Eric and Rianne plan to have children. If they do, Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly will be great-grandparents. And I'll be a great-uncle. Odd to imagine it. Well, we'll see what public birth records say in a year or two.


140803 Sunday — Catuette is a Fun Statuette

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140803. I was sent the catuette photo below the other day.

The smile makes me happy and sad
Cat is not bad
But as a cat of matter
It must someday shatter
Its happiness can't last
It'll be a cat of the past
But here that is a forever cat

This seems to be a cat statuette, or catuette, as opposed to a jar, though I could be mistaken. The catuette was purchased at an antiques store. It qualifies as an antique because it was made in the 1960s.

Something made in the 1960s is an antique. But I was made before that. So I guess I'm an antique.

The cat is 50 years old. It's in good shape for its age. I hope it's happy for years to come.

For a large version of the photo, click here. The photo is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Sir Wilson. For more information about the license, click here.

Catuette is a Fun Statuette
To expect too much is to have a sentimental view of life and this is a softness that ends in bitterness.
Grace Kiraly and Jim Kiraly had some statuettes


140803 Sunday — Finding Dan

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140803. This post is for Ed, Dolleh, and Mr. Meow, who I believe met Dan once. Also for Dan's baby Son. Maybe he'll see this someday.

In 2012, I was looking for work in different venues. Still am, actually. I tried a lot of things to find a job. As an experiment, I volunteered to help people in an online support channel. The idea was that I'd meet possible employers.

No paid work turned up. But I did get to know people.

The Kiralys, an abuser named Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California, and his Son Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Humana Corporation at the time, filed legal actions to stop me from writing about them.

The legal actions were devastating. In the end, I lost everything that I'd saved and built in a lifetime, including my home of 25 years. The Kiralys took it all.

But I kept trying. I stayed with the support channel through the legal actions until my home was gone.

The support team was made up of volunteers. Mostly a small group of people in the U.K. who knew each other IRL (In Real Life). Two key figures were Ed and Dolleh.

Ed was the senior support person. His significant other, Dolleh, was notable because she was a bunny rabbit fan. I'd tell people that, if they wanted to get on Dolleh's good side, they should send her a bunny photo.

The volunteer who spent the most time in the support channel was Dan. He was a young, neurodiverse, tech type. About 21 years old.

Dan spent so much time helping people that I thought he had to be the one volunteer who was being paid. I learned later on that he was doing it for free.

Around the time that I left the support channel, Dan left it as well. It turned out that he'd been unemployed but he'd found a real-life job. He needed to focus there.

Dan and I had a few conversations by text after that. During this period, his first child, a baby boy, was born. Dan reported that mother and child were both doing well. He sent me a photo of the newborn.

Later on, Dan reported that he'd suffered minor nerve damage from holding the baby for long periods. I was going to text him back about that but something happened.

I visited the Thermal Physicist overnight to help her with a physics paper. It was too late to travel afterward, so I slept at her house.

She was concerned about “what will the neighbors think.” I don't think the neighbors thought much about it because she was about 80 years old :-)

While I was there, my Android glitched. I pressed the power button to cycle the device. But I was sleepy and pressed two buttons at the same time. This did a factory reset and erased my contacts. Including Dan's contact information.

I had backups of the Android, but they weren't recent enough. I'd lost Dan.

This bothered me. I didn't want Dan to think I'd simply lost interest and that he wasn't significant.

I asked people at the support channel, but nobody was sure of where Dan was or how to reach him.

Figuring out where to live and what to do kept me busy for months. But, about two weeks ago, I talked with Dolleh again about Dan. She was able to find his Twitter. Based on that, I was able to guess a store that he worked at.

And it turned out that Dan was local. The store was in a city that I'd be teaching in, the following week.

I stopped by the store en route to meet with my student. I asked management there if they could page Dan or pass a message to him. They said, no.

So I showed Dan's photo from his Twitter to clerks in the store. One lady, perhaps my age and a decent sort, confirmed that I had the correct store and directed me to Dan's department.

I didn't see Dan, but I did see a young man in line with a baby boy. I asked him if he was Dan, and he said yes. It was the same person; he simply looked different.

It took a moment for Dan to understand who I was; an old coder surfaced out of IRC into IRL. But he didn't seem too surprised. He'd always been casual IRC and he was the same way IRL.

We sat with his baby and he explained. This was his day off, but he'd happened to come to the store anyway with his son. Everybody was healthy and his arm injury had improved.

I asked Dan about the long hours that he'd spent helping people. “No, I wasn't paid,” Dan said. “It was do that or watch TV. I wanted to do something useful.”

It was a pleasant chat. When I left, Dan told his son, “Say goodbye to Daddy's friend. You can say goodbye.” The baby just grinned at us.

I talked to Ed about the meeting later on. Ed said, “Nice to know he's doing well. It is the internet, though, those sort of connections don't really lay the same as those you have in person.”

My response was, “Not the point. I couldn't let him feel that he wasn't important. It's not as though we're going to “hang out”. But if he needs something, he knows that I'm here now.”


140801 Friday — Nanosleep Came to Me

Tags: humor tech
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140801. This is one of the little extemporaneous pieces that the Boy Who Writes has been able to do since his abuser, Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California, filed legal actions in 2012.

The legal actions were intended to stop work on a book. However, ironically, they were the turning point that led to the return of writing after 40 years.

Coder Kid The piece is a small true story. QuadCore, one of the hacker kids, was fiddling with his httpd daemon. He wanted to throttle transfer speed but wasn't sure how to proceed. Then the answer came to him.


Never knew what I needed to do
But, in waking dreams,
Nanosleep came to me

First, say, my webserver sends 4K
4K blocks in a while loop
Performance before did droop
But, in waking dreams,
Nanosleep came to me

24,000 per second, take heed, send speed
Divide 24,000 by 4,096 just for kicks
4,096 realize is the 4K buffer size
Into 1,000 that goes, the mind blows
171 ms will give success

Nanosleep 1000 times 171, each block, Son
Problem solved, dreams dissolved
No solution did I see
But, in waking dreams,
Nanosleep came to me


140801 Friday — Letter to John Perrott

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140801. John Perrott, a Family Law Attorney with the law firm Thomas Chase Stutzman in San Jose, California, responded on Friday 140801 to my letter of Thursday 140731.

My response is posted below. It includes a copy of John's letter, which was brief.

The Attorneys referred to this post include:

Thomas Chase Stutzman
STATE BAR #69452
1625 The Alameda, Suite 626
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 294-4600

John H. Perrott
STATE BAR #213080
1625 The Alameda, Suite 626
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 294-4600

Letter to John Perrott:

Dear John,

1. I received a letter from you on Friday, August 1. This is a response to that letter. By the way, this letter will be posted publicly.

2. Before I address your points, may I offer you news of a minor change? My weblogs may now be found at the following First Amendment Research Site address:

The following address is equivalent:

Presently, the Thomas Chase Stutzman address goes to the same content as most of the other addresses. However, as with most of the other addresses, this is expected to change over time as the sites evolve.

Eventually, the new site is expected to serve as a positive resource for members of the general public, researchers of different types, State Bar members, and others who may be interested in the subject that is named in the address; i.e., Thomas Chase Stutzman.

3. In your letter to me, you stated the following:

“There is now waiting for you to come and get them a box of documents. These are the documents from your case which were offered to you before, but you declined to take them then. Please state when you will be available to pick them up from the parking lot outside of our building.”

If I recall correctly, the assertion “declined to take them” is false. Are you able to cite text to support the assertion? If so, are you prepared to defend your misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the text in the appropriate venues? Note: This is simply a friendly point to keep in mind.

John Perrott, Family Law Attorney, is being positive 4. I consider the letter that you sent me to be a positive sign. A sign that things might proceed in a sensible manner at last despite the misleading and/or false statements that you've made over two years.

However, I'm less of a fool than I used to be.

Note: The rights to the photo of John Perrott used below seem to reside at Dailymotion. Whether or not, this is the case, parties interested in DMCA and similar intellectual property issues should click here for related information.

John Perrott, Family Law Attorney, San Jose I have concerns regarding (a) a legal assault that has been aggressively threatened by Thomas Chase Stutzman, (b) a false and fraudulent accusation that you've made, and (c) a pattern of shifting stories, misrepresentations, falsehoods, and/or violations of Professional Standards on the part of you and/or your firm that [dates] stretches back two years.

Your proposal might necessitate a physical meeting with you, with associates of yours, or with representatives of yours. I feel that, for a physical meeting to be appropriate, the aggressive threat that Mr. Stutzman has made, together with the false and fraudulent accusation that you've made, should be retracted.

I shared Pho with John Perrott Additionally, it might be better to settle on neutral territory instead of the location that you've suggested. Upon retraction of the aggressive threat and the false and fraudulent accusation, perhaps a meeting at an agreed-upon location such as the Pho restaurant that was used previously could be arranged.

5. If Mr. Stutzman and/or you do not wish to retract the aggressive threat and the false and fraudulent accusation, this is all right.

People have expressed the view to me that decisions of this type carry their own legitimate and reasonable consequences.

In the scenario where there is no retraction, I could hire somebody to pick up the so-called “box of documents” for me. Perhaps this is a sensible way to proceed, whether or not there is a retraction.

If a third party is hired, taking the history of the situation into account, I feel that you and/or your firm should be responsible for the costs involved.

6. I'm prepared to offer you a concession to simplify things. I won't demand that the electronic materials discussed previously be included in the current delivery.

However, at the same time, I do expect you to state whether you yourself feel that I am, or contend that I am not, entitled to such materials.

You do not need to state your position prior to the current delivery. But understand that the statement is expected promptly and that the issue is going to be discussed. It's been months since I first asked you about this part of the picture. I've been more patient than I should have been.

7. If you wish me to sign a receipt as part of the proposed delivery, the wording of the receipt will need to be discussed in advance.

I will not, of course, sign anything that acknowledges the delivery of anything but that which is actually delivered.

Additionally, if the delivery is accomplished with the assistance of a third party, I'm not going to sign anything until I see for myself what's in the box.

8. The proposed delivery would settle one issue. Other issues, including but not limited to the question of the electronic materials, would remain open.

Tom Stutzman, allegations of sexual misconduct I'm mindful that Tom Stutzman and you aren't trustworthy. In fact, based on Tom's colorful record, he's sort of a “low-life”, isn't he?

Did Mr. Stutzman approach other clients than the one I know about for alleged sexual favors but manage to talk them out of filing complaints? How would a First Amendment biography project determine this; I suppose that the biographer might need to survey clients.

But, regardless of Mr. Stutzman's character, and regardless of your own character, I feel that if the two of you are willing to learn a few basic rules related to civility, we might get along well in the future.

9. On a related note, I remain curious about the wording of Mr. Stutzman's threat. He talked about “contacting this law office”. Would it be better if, in the future, I contacted people outside the law office? Note that I try to accommodate concerns when I consider them to be legitimate and reasonable.

10. I'm still curious as well about the jurisdiction and scope of the type of action that Mr. Stutzman has aggressively threatened.

I can probably find out about jurisdiction myself. And I believe that I understand scope.

Do Tom Stutzman and you understand scope, John? I learned useful lessons from the Kiraly Cases. Did the two of you?

11. I look forward to future discussions conducted honestly and with a spirit of cooperation.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

(end of letter)

This part has no connection to Tom Stutzman or John Perrott, but I found myself humming it while composing this post. For CodeLicker, who was licking printed code at the time:

It's only paper code
Sailing over a Dirac Sea
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me

Yes, it's only a Canvas GUI
Hanging over a GitHub tree
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me

It's a Stallman and Torvalds world
Just as FOSSy as it can be
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me

Stutzman Team It Does Gleam

From left to right, this is Tom Stutzman, Lisi, John Perrott, and Tracie Zerr. Tom and John are Family Law Attorneys. Lisi and Tracie are staff.

Rights to this image are apparently held by San Jose Divorce Lawyers Blog. Whether or not this is the case, people interested in DMCA or other intellectual property issues are advised to click here for related information.

Tom Stutzman, John Perrott, Lisi, Tracie Zerr


140731 Thursday — Odd Letter from Tom Stutzman

Tags: cases kiraly stutzman tom
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140731. I've received an odd letter that claims to be from Tom Stutzman of the law firm Thomas Chase Stutzman in San Jose, California. The letter is posted below.

Tom Stutzman employer of John Perrott attorney Note: The image of Tom Stutzman to the right was obtained from Dailymotion. The rights to the image seem to reside there. Parties interested in DMCA and similar intellectual property issues should click here for related information.

I don't believe the letter is actually from Mr. Stutzman.

I thought initially that it was sent by a semi-retired buddy of his who handles IT chores for him.

Metacognician in Shanghai has another theory. If it's right, the letter is laugh out loud funny. We'll come back to his theory below.

I've dropped the semi-retired buddy idea for now.

One odd part is that the author claims to be Mr. Stutzman, albeit with a misspelled name. His old friend wouldn't use a fake name. Another oddity is that the letter seems to have been routed through India.

Additionally, it doesn't make sense that Mr. Stutzman's friend would write to me.

Note: The image of John Perrot below was obtained from The rights to the image seem to reside there. Parties interested in DMCA and similar intellectual property issues should click here for related information.

John Perrott Family Law Attorney Mr. Stutzman is concerned that questionable acts committed by John Perrott, the other attorney in his firm, might lead to embarrassment for the two attorneys and affect the firm's reputation.

It's possible that Mr. Stutzman should be concerned about the matter. After all, John Perrott arguably misleads his clients and overcharges them.

If clients of Thomas Chase Stutzman, Family Law Firm, express concerns that John Perrott may be driving up costs intentionally, John has techniques he's developed over the years that he uses to keep them off balance. He refers to the techniques matter of factly as “client management”.

Tom Stutzman Attorney tried to extort a massage Additionally, Mr. Stutzman might be sensitive to reputation issues as he once tried to collect a massage from a female client, a married one at that, in lieu of “fees” that he claimed the woman owed him.

Tom Stutzman's client felt that Mr. Stutzman, a San Jose Family Law Attorney trusted with sensitive matters, was seeking sexual favors. However, Mr. Stutzman contends that he was not actually planning to force the woman to be a prostitute. If I understand the findings on Mr. Stutzman's escapade correctly, it simply looked that way.

Note: Mr. Stutzman has been offered the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in this reference to his alleged attempt to extort sex from a female client. I'm concerned about fairness. I'd like to present a balanced picture, even when I'm dealing with an Attorney who has been disciplined for multiple instances of inappropriate behavior, including alleged mishandling of clients' funds as well as alleged sexual misconduct.

At any rate, Mr. Stutzman is fighting to prevent me from obtaining paperwork that might confirm John Perrott's actions constituted malpractice or possibly prosecutable crimes.

In fact, Mr. Stutzman has made aggressive threats towards me. The threats seem to be aimed at preventing me from getting my hands on the documents in question.

I don't think Tom Stutzman would encourage his old friend to write to me.

As you're about to read, the purported Stutzman letter is, like so many Kiraly Cases issues, another in an endless series of attempts to take down website content. These people never give up.

Metacognician has a theory. If he's right, Tom Stutzman, Family Law Attorney, isn't as sharp as he seems.

Metacognician, who knows about such things, told me:

“Ah, that's a form letter. Used by Internet reputation companies aka. snake oil vendors. This person hired an external company, I presume. They promise to clean up the Internet. Company says, give us money and we make Google forget about your sins.”

“How they do it, they claim they can't tell as it's proprietary technology. And, as far as India goes, where would you outsource data collection to?”

I asked Metacognician what happens when people cheated by these hucksters realize that the number of links pointing to unwanted material is going to *increase* due to their miscalculation.

He told me, the hucksters simply say, “We need to do a Deep Internet Cleanse, that'll be more money please.”

For the hacker kids, IPV4 addresses associated with the letter, most likely POPs or relays, seem to include the following:

Possibly Bishop Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA.

Channai, South India. If one of the people involved is actually in India, this supports Metacognician's theory. But it may be that the sender was simply trying to use a proxy. The ISP, in either case, seems to have been Bharti Airtel Limited.

Possibly El Camino Real or Lincoln St. in Santa Clara, CA.

Possibly North Almaden Avenue or Fox Lane in San Jose, CA. If it's North Almaden, it might be at the “Boyd's Tree Service” there. But I'm not sure what a POP, relay, or Kiraly Cases fan would be doing at a tree service firm.

The Attorneys referred to this post include:

Thomas Chase Stutzman
STATE BAR #69452
1625 The Alameda, Suite 626
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 294-4600

John H. Perrott
STATE BAR #213080
1625 The Alameda, Suite 626
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 294-4600

Letter allegedly from Tom Stutzma[n]:

Subject: Link Removal Request

Hi, I am Tom Stutzma (sic) working for
I am trying to remove some backlinks pointing to our website from

I would really appreciate your help in removing these links. Here is a sample link
Sample Link URL :

The links may hurt both our rankings and I will be grateful if you can remove the link. If you could please send a confirmation note letting me know that the link has been removed, I would really appreciate it.

If you have any queries please feel free to enquire at

Thanks in advance!

I hope to hear from you soon.


This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

I left Tom Stutzman the following voicemail message a few minutes ago. By the way, Tom, see my note elsewhere to Michael regarding cellphone SIM chips, etc.

Additionally, we need to talk about jurisdiction for the action you've threatened. Oh, and scope. Tom, you're familiar with scope, right?

I want my paperwork, Tom. I'll get it through the State Bar if need be. I'm sure they'll be pleased to see you up before them again. And over a cover-up this time.

(start of voicemail transcript)

Mr. Stutzman, yesterday I received a letter stating that it was from you. Initially, I suspected that the letter had come from your old IT friend. However, I no longer believe this. I have posted the letter publicly and so you can read it if you wish to do so. I would appreciate a statement from you regarding whether or not you are associated with the sender.

As a related note, you are invited to check the description in the post of your alleged sexual misconduct. I am always concerned about accuracy and I wish to hear about any corrections that may be required.

In closing, the issue of your aggressive and unwarranted threat against me remains. I am referring to the threat that is intended to prevent me from obtaining my paperwork and demonstrating malpractice.

If you wish to proceed with the threatened action, there are practical matters such as jurisdiction and scope that ought to be discussed. In light of new information, the issue of scope is of special interest.

Tom Stutzman Attorney Trio

John Perrott, Family Law Attorney, is on the left. Thomas Stutzman, Family Law Attorney, is on the right. I think that's Lisi in the middle.

Rights to this image are apparently held by Dailymotion. Whether or not this is the case, people interested in DMCA or other intellectual property issues are advised to click here for related information.

John Perrott and Tom Stutzman, Family Law Attorneys


140731 Thursday — Neurodiverse is Not Worse

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140731. Today, we'll visit a late-20s neurodiverse developer, Pardulphus, who lives with his parents in Burgundy, France.

1. Educational system.

In France, the public school system, below college level, is similar to that of the U.S. There are slight differences in the years.

Kindergarten (école maternelle) is longer than in the U.S. It lasts for three years. Students are typically ages 3 to 6.

Primary school is similar to grade school in the U.S. It lasts for five years. Ages are 6 to 11.

Middle school (collège) is longer than the U.S. equivalent. Four years long, for students ages 11 to 15.

High school (lycée) is shorter than in the U.S. It runs for three years. Ages are 15 to 18.

2. My education as a minor.

I had a largely standard education throughout the four schools.

I was good at math. So teachers suggested twice that I skip a grade. My parents refused, the first time. But, the second time, they agreed. So I skipped the last year of Primary School.

The math issue was interesting. The standard way to approach math is deduction. Search equivalences, apply formulae, and proceed to results. Teachers like this. But I usually feel results, then seek to explain them.

In Middle School, I became interested in programming languages; in particular, in Logo and BASIC. This was the first sign of the direction that I'd ultimately take.

In High School, I went for the scientific section. In the U.S., this would be a Science Major. It include mathématiques (maths), physiques (physics), chimie (chemistry), and natural science. One must also take classes in soft subjects such as history, geography, literature, languages, etc. I did well in the technical courses, a little less so in other areas.

3. My university education.

I had an aptitude for engineering and was interesting in related subjects. So, after High School, I entered CPGE. CPGE is short for classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles. In English, this means classes to prepare to enter training as an engineer.

Typically, CPGE lasts two years. If one does well, one will then enter a second phase that lasts three years. Upon successful completion of the full five year period, one is awarded the equivalent of a Master's Degree program in Engineering.

CPGE didn't work out for me. My grades for the 1st year weren't good enough to continue with the 2nd year.

So I switched to a two-year DUT program. This might be thought of as similar to a U.S. Associate of Arts degree.

The year in CPGE was lost time, to some extent. Credits weren't transferrable. However, I did learn from the CPGE classes. The DUT program went better. I focused on software engineering and did well.

In France, a DUT degree may be accepted as the equivalent of the first one or two years of a standard university program. My grades were good enough that my DUT counted as two years. Upon graduation, I was accepted as the equivalent of a third-year student at the University of Burgundy.

After a year at the University, I'd completed three years of University level education, counting the DUT. The three years earned me a “license” to go with the DUT. A “license” is similar in some respects to a U.S. bachelor's degree.

The French system is strict. With the license, I was allowed to work at some technical jobs. However, I could neither be called an engineer (only the CPGE path would permit that) nor work at some engineer jobs.

So I decided to spend another two years at the University of Burgundy. During this period, I earned a masters degree. The masters degree entitled me to work at most engineer jobs, though I still could not use the word engineer as a title.

I was now 23 years old.

I sought employment based on my masters degree. I was not able to find any. The issue might have been a poor economy around Burgundy. But I'm not sure if other areas would have been better. Regardless, I wanted to start out in Burgundy because this would allow me to stay with my parents and siblings until I was established.

So I decided to seek a doctorate degree. This degree would provide a title and status, and help to ensure that I could get a job,

The next step was to obtain a research masters degree that the doctorate program would require. My existing masters degree was professional in nature. It couldn't be used for the purpose.

The research masters wouldn't be costly in terms of time. The professional masters had provided me with educational credits that could be reused. I'd only need to spend another year in school to obtain a second masters. Then I'd be ready to try out the doctorate program.

But I failed at the research masters. I finished the extra year but didn't do well enough to continue.

I'd succeeded with the professional masters. But the research program was less hands-on and more theoretical. It wasn't a match for me.

The professional masters had had theoretical aspects. But they had had practical applications. This was, I found, important to me. Additionally, the research master was broader than I had expected. It included areas that were not of great interest to me.

4. My career.

I started looking for jobs again. Eventually, at the end of 2012, age 25, I found a part-time webdev position. It was mostly updates for a Wordpress site and PHP+MySQL development for related subdomains.

The job didn't really need a masters degree but it's all that I was able to find.

This was a contract position. It was originally for six months with the possibility of extensions up to a maximum of 24 months. I did well enough that they added 12 months to the initial six. So I ended up with 18 months of work. The 18 months ended about two months ago.

I'm 27 years old now. I have a professional masters and I'm qualified to work. But presently I'm unemployed again. I don't feel distressed. I hope to perhaps have another job by the end of the year. I'll survive with the assistance of family.

5. Connections to people.

I find fulfillment mostly through solitary activities. Not through social interaction.

I don't seek to speak with people. I have relatively few real-life friends. Most people that I know socially in real life are friends of friends. A small number are people that I got to know in IRC first.

I don't go outside much except for specific reasons. It's typically for errands, to visit the library, for movies at the cinema, or for conventions or other special events. I usually go alone on these occasions.

Sometimes I go out with family members or to visit them. For example, when I go to the library, I stop to visit my grandparents who live near the building.

I don't avoid human contact. If I need to talk to people, I'm comfortable doing so. Additionally, I don't mind it if people talk to me. In either case, I communicate well enough. So, I'm probably not autistic.

Additionally, when I was young, I was in Scouts and it was O.K. But, thinking back, I went mostly because a close friend wanted me to accompany him. When he stopped going, I stopped going as well.

I've had close friends since then. But some of them are only online. And I don't go out often simply to visit the people I do know in real life.

6. Technology and reading.

I run Windows 7 X64 Sp1 on a Dell Inspiron 1520. Debian 7 on a Dell latitude D630. Mac OS X 10.9.4 on a Macbook Pro. I have a FreeBSD VM too and I've worked with Gentoo servers.

It makes sense to have multiple systems and/or OSes. As a sysadmin, I'd like to be sure I know how to administrate in all the major contexts. And, as a developer, I'm interested in issues related to portability.

I usually read a book or two a week. Mostly fiction from 300 to 1,000 pages.

I have an iPhone. I chose iPhone partly because I had a friend who helped me to obtain one cheaply.

7. My life.

I know that I'm different. I'm an introvert, more than usual. I might lack initiative as well.

I'm reserved, not timid. Naturally calm most of the time. I've always been good with children and the elderly.

My life could be better, but I'm still happy. Well, I'm more happy than sad. The balance is all right.

If something goes wrong in life, that's a bad moment to pass, but there's no need to brood over it.

Pardulphus World
Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.
Neurodiverse developer in France


140709 Wednesday — Message for Hoge Fenton

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140709. This is a transcript of a voicemail message that has been left at Hoge Fenton.

1. Courtesy copies of the voicemail have been left for individuals, not associated with Hoge Fenton, in other venues as well.

2. More than one copy has been left. Some key parts were added after the first copy. Added parts are marked as such in the transcript. The transcript should be considered as a reference for the intended wording.

3. Two parts where domain names are spelled out letter by letter are omitted.

4. As a side note to Michael Bonetto and/or Hoge Fenton:

If you decide to initiate false and fraudulent actions as part of the abuse of process that Hoge Fenton has committed, abuse of process that is connected to multiple prosecutable crimes, including highly prosecutable felonies related to “hacking” by Hoge Fenton clients, cover-ups of child abuse, and cover-ups of violent spousal abuse, you're free to subpoena lists of things like people I've called or phone numbers that I've used.

Regrettably, though, I don't possess a list of people that I've called.

And I'm afraid that the SIM cards and/or SIM data involved may not exist by the time that subpoenas are issued. I tend to forget to renew SIM cards, so the numbers change. I also lose phones and SIM cards sometimes.

Additionally, I've been too busy to maintain a list of the phone numbers associated with the SIM cards, so if you were to ask me if a particular number belonged to me, I probably wouldn't be able to tell you.

I'm truly sorry regarding the poor quality of the record keeping on my part :(

5. The Michael Bonetto referred to in the message is:

Michael T. Bonetto
STATE BAR #252742
Sixty South Market Street, Suite 1400
San Jose, California 95113

This is a courtesy copy of a message for Michael Bonetto of Hoge Fenton.

[Added after 1st copy] As a legitimate and reasonable request, I'm asking members of the firm to provide me with information concerning Hoge Fenton's role in the crafting of the Santa Clara County Bar Association Professional Standards. For the purposes of future legal actions in either direction, this message may be viewed as research in that context.

It's a short P.S. to a voicemail message that was left the other day. Transcripts of both messages will be posted online today at michael bonetto dot com. And at gail cheda dot com as well. [Omitted parts where domains were spelled out]

[Added after 1st copy] Contact information for the requested information may be found on the sites.

Michael, I'm editing a little photo provided by Phenek from Finland. One of my startupers, some of whom are interested in the situation.

The photo will go online this morning. It's simply a toy that's waiting to be played with. The scene makes me feel a bit sad for a couple of reasons.

One reason is thematic and one is meta. The meta-issue is that I'll never get to create toys like this or, for that matter, have children. You took this from me. You killed any children that I might have had. And you did it, not in the name of duty, but by violating the standards that your own company Hoge Fenton wrote.

I've asked the head of the Santa Clara County Bar Association to discuss the role that Hoge Fenton played in the crafting of the standards. She's expressed reluctance regarding the matter. But in the long run there will be no way to prevent the answers from coming out. The system is designed to facilitate cover-ups, but not for a situation as odd as this one.

I don't have many years left, Michael. Not enough to start over. But you and your clients lied, you committed prosecutable crimes, and you stole my time in the world. There are enough years remaining to see that justice is done.

The photo is by Phenek of Finland. It is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is Phenek. For more information about the license, click here.

The little car was originally designed for toy mice. The toy mice were sleeping in their mouse house, so Phenek's baby daughter took two toy cats and put them in the car instead. To see the card that I made for the baby when she was born, click here.

Phenek Finland Photo
When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful. Every hour we spent together lives within my heart.
Michael Bonetto, Hoge Fenton, Ken Kiraly, Jim Kiraly


140706 Sunday — Hire George Kerechanko

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140706. George Kerechanko is one of my Mother Grace Kiraly's Cousins and somebody that LittleCoder thought of as the older Brother he'd never had.

I don't recall speaking with George subsequent to his Daughter Lisa's letter to me roughly one year ago. In that letter, Lisa suggested that I was seeking to tar the character of her dead Brother Russell. For my response to Lisa, click here.

George does building-related work, including the installation of carpets and other floor coverings. In recent years, he's started to slow down due to age and, I think, some physical pain. But I've just checked and I'm glad to see that he's still in business.

I'd like to suggest that anybody in the Paso Robles, California area who needs assistance with carpets or floor coverings in general hire George Kerechanko. There is what appears to be professional information related to George at this link:

click here for carpet assistance


140706 Sunday — Message for Michael Bonetto

Tags: cases bonetto kiraly michael
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140706. Michael Bonetto, this isn't the letter to John Perrott that I referred to. It's the voicemail transcript. For the letter to John, click here.

This transcript most likely contains minor errors. However, it's believed to be reasonably accurate.

To: Michael T. Bonetto
STATE BAR #252742
Sixty South Market Street, Suite 1400
San Jose, California 95113

Cc: John H. Perrott
STATE BAR #213080
1625 The Alameda, Suite 626
San Jose, CA 95126

This is a courtesy copy of a notification for Michael Bonetto. If any part is not clear, a transcript is available online at michael bonetto dot com.

Michael, I owe you a formal response to points that you made earlier this year. And I do intend to respond as the points were odd.

For example, you neglected to define a crucial term related to email, you skipped over a point that might justify a State Bar investigation into your remarks, and you made a strange comment to the effect I'd alleged your past clients had not asked me not to contact them.

The last part was especially confusing as I don't recall that you yourself alleged [corrected: anyone] anybody *had* asked me not to call them. Not after the series of harassing phone calls that my abuser's household made to my household.

That was sort of embarrassing for you, wasn't it?

You're aware that the fact I was never asked not to call my abuser is going metaphorically up where the sun doesn't shine, right? And that no restraining order can prevent this legitimate and reasonable Free Speech exercise?

A simple fact that you should have explained to the abuser Jim Kiraly of 32 La Gaviota, Pismo Beach, California.

These remarks are intended respectfully and as a polite assessment. But, moving on, I don't wish to rush the formal response. In the interim, I expect to serve you soon with notice that I am not legally obligated to use you as an intermediary when I communicate with the abuser Jim Kiraly or his idiot Son Tom Kiraly, Vice President of Sheridan Healthcare.

John Perrott has offered some remarks related to the matter. I'd like to invite you to read a letter from me to John which briefly discusses the [corrected: points] steps I presently intend to take in connection with you as I move towards addressing the prosecutable crimes that I feel you are involved in.

You'll find my letter to John Perrott on the front page of michael bonetto dot com. It's about halfway down. You can skip the long article about Salvation unless you'd like to comment on that subject. Note that the letter to John doesn't end with the photo of the Kmeta children. It continues after the photo.

By the way, Twisted Time, the witness that you decided not to call, persists. He and I would love to get a photo of you posing smiling with him next to his hospital bed.

How about it... Son?


140706 Sunday — Rubidiun Rising

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140706. For notes related to the use of a photo of Thomas Kiraly in this article, feel free to click here.

Rubidiun, also known as Loome and Dr. Beth, surprised me this weekend.

Rubidiun is neurodiverse, unpredictable, different. None of this is important to me. What matters is that he possesses qualities that matter. Qualities that Christ valued.

He's said positive things recently. I told him that the differences were not significant and he said: “u r very thoughtful and patient.”

A few days later, I showed him the decades-old photo of me at this link. He commented about the Young Coder, “he looks extremely redacted cool. he's kind of nonchalant.” It isn't true but that isn't the point.

The other day, I asked Rubidiun to comment on his ADHD for Charles Artisan, who has a similar condition. I fell asleep and found a message the next day. It was directed to me as opposed to Charles Artisan.

“i have seen in my life and have met many folks from different walks of life. my impression, largely, is that people are fundamentally good. but sometimes they steer off from their being of goodness because they are sidetracked and distracted. by the trivial, by the accidents, by the miscommunications.”

“some can deal with it really well, some cannot. you seem to have dealt with your situation with supreme grace. most, i think, probably could not have. you were dealt a redacted hand, and that's no fault of yours — it's just too damn bad that it happened.”

“i hope you've had times of happiness in your life though, for the years you have lived. of course, you're going to have new opportunities to find more moments of happiness. that's good. it's probably thing one can make out of life.”

“play it out to the best of your abilities. have fun, that's all.”

I've talked about different types of Christians recently. There are different types of people in general.

One type is the instantiation of Evil. Not possessing the quality of Evil, but defining it. These are the sanctimonious, those who believe that God is there to serve them.

Evil does not wear a Nazi shirt or a large blinking neon sign labelled “Evil”.

Tom Kiraly son of Jim Kiraly Evil puts on a saccharine smile and watches with mild interest as the events that it sets in motion unfold. It is sufficient, for the purposes of Evil, that in the end facts die. These are the people who, above all else, must see themselves as blessed and as heroes.

I know the names of these people now. After decades in the dark. Jim Kiraly of St. John's Lutheran Church, Grace Kiraly of New Life Pismo Church, and Tom Kiraly of Sheridan Healthcare.

Another type, and there are more than two, is strong when necessary but kind when possible. This type understands the fact of the skull beneath the skin. The nature of the polite fictions that Evil uses to manage society. What it is like to be one of the Sheeple. And what it means to cast aside that role.

If somebody attacks, this type knows, Machiavelli is the Kindergarten Primer to follow. The first step.

If somebody falls, this type believes, they are not there to be mocked as they lie there bleeding.

They are there to be picked up. To be helped.

I am proud to stand and be counted in this group. With Rubidiun at my side. Or wandering off as he does :P


140628 Saturday — Letter to Tactician

Tags: religion
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140628. This is a letter to Tactician regarding salvation and transformation.

1. Tactician, you're speaking with a neurodiverse person who's had difficulty all his life with answering the supposedly straight-forward question “How are you?”

It used to be considered humorous that he could not answer the question in the expected manner. He did not process the fact that people asked the question but expected something other than a literal answer.

This issue, the fact that he did not process the fact, was considered to be a “choice”. One to be laughed at. But it was not a “choice”.

2. The question that you've asked today is of a different nature. But it goes deeper than “How are you”. It's not as simple to respond as you imagine.

3. You've observed my move, over two years, into a space of metaphor and introspection. The things that the Kiralys and their associates did to me, the fact that it was even possible, something that I couldn't comprehend, changed me.

4. Metacognician and I discussed the process a few times. We talked primarily about the “what” of the changes. Less about the “why” and the “how”. The “why” seemed clear. We agreed that the “how” was a mystery. He offered thoughts such as this:

“A cynical analysis would be “your brain is full of short-circuits” You are adapting — to what I'm not sure, but it looks like your word-memory is getting a good workout these days.”

“O.K., observation: the mind is not static. Most “features” can be changed by internal or external pressure. The “you” of last year is not the you of “today”.”

“The subconscious is a huge data processing engine. It might be slow for some tasks... and yet it's surprisingly powerful. But I'm not quite sure about the answers yet.”

Post continues below the illustration. The illustration is distributed under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. For attribution purposes, the rights holder is OldCoder. For more information about the license, click here.

Kiraly Cases Rare Family Embraces
This is a rare photo of OldCoder, Puzzle on a visit to the West Coast, Ken Kiraly (inventor of the Amazon Kindle, key figure at Amazon Lab126, and believed to be a sociopath), and Scott Kiraly (self-absorbed, considered by his parents to be dangerous to Ken, possibly deceased now due to obesity). Tom Kiraly, perjurer, Vice President of Humana Corporation, and Executive Vice President of Sheridan Healthcare, might be taking the picture, but this is not clear.
OldCoder, Puzzle, Ken Kiraly, and Scott Kiraly

5. Regardless of the “what”, I understand better now what is possible. For others as well as for me.

More *is* possible. I can bring out positive things in others that one might not expect to find.

I can write again after 40 years. I'm coming into my own in other respects. I'm operating at close to my full intelligence.

I'm not the frightened child that I was into my 50s. The beaten down figure that my abuser and the others that surrounded me made me into 40 years ago. It's nice to be free of that part of myself.

To be free, to know that in the years to come, I'll be free to tell the truth, to fight back, to demonstrate that there are limits to what wealth can do, limits imposed by God and by the Law — it's wonderful.

Jim Kiraly abused his kids 6. But, at heart, I am that I am.

I see the patterns
That make up the World
The patterns are in me
I am in them
I am an expression of
That which parses
That which is

I am the information processor
I speak regarding information
That can be parsed
That can be processed

It is not right for you
To ask for more than this

7. I'm the Christ Follower now, Tactician. I've assumed the title. The title that my Mother Grace Kiraly, the harlot made of lies, claimed.

I'll be the one to determine what the term means to me. I'll start with a basic principle:

The Word is the Truth. The Truth is the Light. The Light is the Way.

8. Is it possible to see the Light? Does it shine on Earth? The answer is yes. I've seen it.

Christ reviles Grace Kiraly My Grandfather Ivan, upon whose kind face my Brother Tom Kiraly has smeared excrement, was of the Word.

The Word, to Ivan, was a feeling, a force, a direction that was real. It was something that he was subsumed into. It was not a “choice”. It was a fact.

There are others who are similar.

What does it mean? This is the answer. There are people who have been transformed. They are compelled to serve. To honor something greater not only than themselves but greater than all the constructs of Man.

They are obedient to the compulsion. They are humble in its presence.

Ivan Kmeta was the first of these people that I met. One of them is Charles Artisan. Another is Tactician; you.

9. There are those who speak of the Word but who experience no transformation. Two categories:

Those who have not been transformed; but are obedient to an imagined compulsion that they wish to feel. Who are humble.

Those who work backwards from a notion. The notion is that if something greater exists, it is subservient to them.

The latter people are the Pharisees. The ones whose arrogance transcends that which is possible in a temporal context. The ones who spit upon the Word.

Such people exist. I've met them. They are my Parents Jim Kiraly and Grace Kiraly of Pismo Beach, California. My Brothers. Scott Kiraly, to be sure; the one who considers God to be his personal servant.

“Christians” of the bigoted, sanctimonious type. The ones who are full of hatred. These are the prototypes for the breed.

10. Who are the ones that matter? They are the ones who are compelled. The ones through whom it is possible that a Light might shine.

A Light that I will follow
A Light that I will find

11. Why is the Light there, in the faces of these people? The answer is that they are transformed.

You were transformed, Tactician, weren't you? You've never explained exactly what happened. You've hinted, though, at things that should be discussed further.

I spoke with Charles Artisan today regarding you and your question. You've heard part of his story before. I'll repeat it here for others.

I prayed the Sinner's Prayer when I was young. Lord, give me Faith. I didn't feel anything.

Months later, I died. It happened in my yard. I found myself standing at the Great White Throne. I had a sense of what the place was like. It was a place where all was explained and it went on forever.

A figure that I felt might be Christ was present. The figure had taken me out of a place of darkness. I tried to walk closer. As I did, everything that I had ever done, everything that I had ever thought, became apparent.

I was stopped. I could not move closer because I was not covered with the Blood of Christ. God did not chide me. However, I perceived my own failure. I knew that I was a creature of Sin.

Not one thing that I had done had been unselfish. I felt that I would be carried back to the place of darkness. I said, God may I tell my Family about what I've seen, that they may be saved?

I found myself in my body on Earth. There was a sense of distance traveled and yet it was all in an instant. I looked down and I saw a cyclone. The cyclone was the Earth. There were people in the cyclone.

I heard a voice, not physical. It said, I made that for Man. It wasn't the voice of God.

I was then alive. Puking. I felt that something was trying to suffocate me and that I had to shake it off. I proceeded with my life. I felt that God had saved me. And I understood what separation from Him would be like. Since then, I've been... I've lived a different sort of life.

12. Today, Charles Artisan added:

Salvation is not by works. But God does put it on your heart to do what is right... you do what He asks, not out of fear or out of expectation of reward, but because you're happy to do it... happy to do what you can for the Light while you're on the Earth.

13. Salvation is, I think, the transformation that I've alluded to.

I pressed Charles Artisan to explain the nature of Salvation. How is it that it happens? What must somebody do?

He mused on the subject. He spoke of the Sinner's Prayer he had prayed that had done nothing. And of the class of people who wish to experience the transformation. Who act in accordance with their guesses regarding what the compulsion might require of them.

14. Charles Artisan did not have conclusions. He knew simply what he had experienced. The experience that was not a “choice” but a transformation.

15. I challenged Charles Artisan, as I'd done before, to comment on what the Truth might be. Is it possible, I asked, that souls are seeds cast upon the ground by God, that grow randomly into plants that He can transform and find use for, or that do not grow, as determined by chance?

In short, are the Calvinists, in a sense, correct?

16. Charles Artisan was intrigued by the notion. I myself feel that the matter requires thought. What is clear is this:

Salvation, transformation, these things are not a “choice”. One can't demand them. They are granted or they are not.

Those in the second category that I've mentioned, who have not experienced a transformation but behave as though it has occurred in the hopes that it will occur, these people are not to be mocked or judged.

Those in the third category, the Pharisees who state that they have made a “choice”, who assert that they are therefore “saved”, and who behave as though God is a tool that exists to serve them... these are the ones that the cyclone is for.

17. The Masked Lua offered me these thoughts:

I believe in Jesus Christ, that He died for our sins and saved us from them doing so, raising on the third day. I don't adhere to the idea of religion, considering how religion is used today, but follow what the Bible says (to a point, I'm not perfect), versus what men say or organizations wish of men.

Salvation is thru Jesus Christ, you place in Him your belief, that He is God's Son and died and then rose in 3 days, the transformation is difficult.

There is a war within, an old man and a new man. The new, created with the arrival of the Holy Spirit. The old, who still wishes to sin. And the one in-between, who has to try to consistently go with what is right versus what one wishes to do.

It's not so much a transformation, but a gradual change. One does not just stop sinning instantly. There will always be a struggle that a Christian has. But, thru all things, God gives ways to overcome in such a way that gives Him the glory, that which He will not share with any other thing.

As all Glory belongs to Him.

18. Upon reflection, the Masked Lua added:

It's quite possible that ppl could experience changes twice. Their childhood, then their adulthood. When you're a child, things effect you greatly for the moment; but fade. When you're an adult, they stick with you.

For instance, I knew what flames felt like when I was little, or extreme heat. I had fell on a heater when around 3. So, they told me hell was like permanent burning. And they also told me how great Jesus was.

Tho I understood not much, really, I was convinced I should become a Christian and try to do right. Later on in life other things happened that reminded me that so much of what I did up to that point was ridiculous. And that I needed to return to the correct direction.

It wasn't a revival, or reflection, it was like realization moreso. I realized when I was young I should be following Christ. Later on in life I realized again.

Basically the first time I thought it was good, the second time I realized God kept me here for a reason, considering the case it was only logical that I be dead.

But I can't, especially at the moment, articulate as well as your letter has, my thoughts.

19. What am I? What category do I fit into?

In a sense, none. I'm the Martian Child. I stand outside your world and hold it in my hand. It's a little snowglobe. I see the people in the snowglobe but I can't go in.

However, something *has* happened. I'll repeat something that I said a few months ago:

I asked Twisted Time if he'd been transformed by the visions. As nearly as I can tell, we've both been transformed. By what, and into what, remains to be seen.

20. Charles Artisan and the Masked Lua fall into different categories. They fall into different categories.

What about your own experiences? Are they of the transformation type or of the realization type? What conclusions do you draw from the range of experiences that occur?

21. The best answer that I can give to your question today is this:

I'm on a journey. There are some who may wish to stay out of the way. There are others that I see as companions on the road. You're one of the latter.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

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140313 Thursday — What Happens to Older Developers?

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140313. Jeff Jenkins posted these questions and others recently at Ask Hacker News:

What happens to older developers? Is there a plateau in pay? Is there a drop in pay switching jobs after a certain number of years? Is becoming a specialist rather than a generalist the answer?

To read the original post, click here. Note: The link was valid as of March 2014. However, it may have broken since then.

This is my response:

Developers who go on long enough are expected to obtain high-level titles by their 50s or to retire at about that time.

I'd like to discuss an issue that you might not have thought about: What's going to happen if you lose your job?

Employment in the 50s can be problematic. If somebody is skilled and employed, and has a high-level title or is a specialist or has useful connections, they should be able to obtain a new position.

Otherwise, they might go from well-off to homeless. It happens. I'm 55, my resume is pretty good, and I was worth $1M a decade ago. I'm a transient now. I've got some medical issues, no medical care, and no dentists. Potential jobs are largely unskilled physical labor, which I'm not able to do.

I'm taking a shot at tutoring. However, I don't expect that to provide more than gas money. The head of an admin assistant firm said that I can't be a secretary unless I already am one.

Two people considered sending me to care for elderly relatives, but we didn't proceed. My title at one of those positions was going to be “poop scooper”.

Don't let this happen to you. For what it's worth, here's my advice:

1. Don't fall off of the employment ladder.

2. Become a specialist. Try to remain broad enough, though, that you don't become obsolete.

3. Build a network of people. Make it a large one.

4. Diversify your investments.

5. While you're employed, don't let medical issues, even minor ones, go untreated for long. If you lose your job and your assets, you'll lose medical care too and the issues may become serious.

6. Be kind to people. But don't be a fool. Most people that you help are not going to return the favor.

Regarding specialists, I did recruiting for a while in 2011 and I can confirm that the filters are weighted against generalists.

I've spent about 35 years myself as a generalist. My jobs called for it. The place where I spent most of my career took any project that came along, code of any type. At a dot-com that followed, after the money ran out, I handled all of the technical roles; IT, websites, development, support, documentation, etc. I was able to do a bit of everything.

Later on, none of this made a difference. There are few job listings that say “a bit of everything”.

After the dot-com shut down, 2003, I made $1M in the stock market. Lost most of it afterwards and reentered the job market. Learned that middle-age generalists were not in high demand.

In my case, there were other factors that won't apply to you. It's a story for another time. But if you're a generalist who falls off of the ladder in middle age, you can expect things like this:

“With a resume like that, why isn't he a CTO? Why doesn't he even have a job?”

You'll be asked questions about algorithms that you haven't thought about for 30 years. Or you'll go through coding tests under adverse conditions that don't allow you to show what you can do.

Plan ahead. Understand that the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.

My own resume is located at:

These are my links. Yes, the technical site needs Twitter Bootstrap :P

  1. Technical site (
  2. My GitHub
  3. My LinkedIn
  4. My Twitter
  5. OldCoder Nerdcore Song

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

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